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Specializing in international business, All Abroad provides services to companies in the U.S., Brazil and Mexico. We inform ourselves about our clients and we help them understand how to obtain their business objectives in new contexts. Our services are ethical, effective and economical.

What We Do

In Brazil

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We offer match making, market research, due diligence, location planning, set up for manufacturing, sales and distribution.

In Mexico

We specialize in the California/Baja California area providing match making, location selection, maquiladora contacts, contract manufacturing and sourcing.

In the USA

New York City

We assist Brazilian and Mexican companies in setting up, establishing a market presence and sales and distribution as well as purchasing US product for use in home country.

About Us

Industry Specialization:

Partners and Associates:

Brazil: Belo Horizonte,
   Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador

Mexico: Mexicali and

Our Team

Professional Team

Good People, Good Contacts, Good Business

All members are fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Steve Scheibe, founder of All Abroad, grew up in Brazil, attended both Brazilian and US universities with degrees from Wesleyan (Middletown, CT), UFMG (Belo Horizonte) and UCLA (Los Angeles). In Brazil, Steve worked in the private and public sector and taught at different Brazilian universities. He was the owner of a patent

Cristina Haas in an accountant and consultant based in San Diego and has many years of experience with Brazilian, US and Mexican companies doing international business.

Marcia Kinjo, based in Sao Paulo, specializes in the service industry through her contacts in education, banking and journalism.

Via Negromonte, Rio de Janeiro, works in the service, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Teodoro Junior from Salvador Bahia is an industrial engineer, highly specialized in plastics, compounds, injection molding and manufacturing processes.

Our Projects

Match Making

All Abroad specializes in match making.  We research, identify and vet suitable business partners in a wide range of industries including packaging, plastics, molding, different types of assembly and manufacturing and other areas.


All Abroad provides market research and market studies matched to client requirements.  We deliver studies that are practical and to the point showing opportunities and obstacles in new markets.


All Abroad assists in finding and researching investment opportunities ranging from green field industrial investments to joint ventures, partnerships or subcontracting relationships.

Satisfied Client Testimonials

”All Abroad helped Seanet successfully outsource turnkey production in Mexico in a simple and economical fashion helping us save substantial sums. Steve Scheibe also knows great places to eat in Tijuana”
David Pierce, President, Seanet LLC, Seattle, WA.

“ALL ABROAD encontrou fornecedores e participou de negociações ajudando nos a poupar milhares de dólares.”
Ned Fernandes, Presidente, FIAL Industrias, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“Steve Scheibe was instrumental in helping AMCOR establish sales and distribution in Mexico”
Rose Avila, General Manager, AMCOR de Mexico.

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